Trade ya for some Silver?

I got the display case. I am not a truck guy. If anyone wants to swap for this, I’d be happy to work a deal. Some more pics:


There appears to be a minor scratch in the clearcoat on the roof. It’s probably something stupid that I did.

As for what I’d like in trade, I am always happy with cash. But if you prefer to swap metal for metal, there are some things I’m hunting (and afraid I’ll never find in Scalpifornia):

  • The Fast & Furious Original Fast cars minus the RX7 and R33 (since I found those)
  • A yellow ‘32 Ford from American Graffiti
  • The Stripes GMC Motorhome
  • Loose RLC cars are fun. Price wise they’re all over the map.
  • Johnny Lightning Boogie Vans


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